As The Easiest Yet Best Exercise

I sometimes got asked more than once a week this very same question: What exactly is the best exercise, doctor? The truth is, the key to living a long and healthy life is nothing complicated, as many of use may expect.

The best way to do this is to walk. When we were kids, we learned to walk unwittingly as it is so natural.

Walking keeps our body moving and enables us to perform daily activities. Without walking, we would be ignorant and live a discomfort life without luxuries such as electricity and cars.

Ninety nine percent of our DNA and that of the apes are identical, but human beings walk upright, on two legs and apes do not. The walking activity put us in an advantageous position. Below are three major reasons why walking is the best exercise.

  1. Walking makes all organs in our body exercise. When you are walking, many parts in our body are also exercising our organs. For example, your heart is pumped, your brain is stimulated, your food is being digested, and your blood is being cleaned during walking.According to many studies, our organs will dwindle if we do not walk. Walking maintains the health of our organs. Without walking, we may have worse fitness, lower bone densities, unwell complexions, higher risks of mental sicknesses and injuries, etc.
  1. Walking, as a stimulus to your brain activities. While you walk, you think. Exercises such as weight lifting calls for a lot more concentration and you are required to stay focused on what you are doing. However, walking gives you time to reflect, and even to create. Stephen King, the famous author, comes up with plots for his stories during his walks. As for myself, I usually take walks when I need to come up with winning strategies for chess.
  2. Walking, as a social activity. There are only very few people who cannot perform this act. Almost everyone can do it, regardless their age. Even the disabled can do this. Walking does not discriminate against anyone. It is something that everyone can enjoy.

You may want to share your recent up and downs with your friends and hiking is the best choice. If you want some quiet time alone with you girlfriend, try walking along the beach. Walking is the time to interact and communicate with people.

From now on, you understand how walking is really beneficial to us and it is the best exercise you can ever have. Whenever someone asks you a question of what the best exercise is, I bet you will know the answer straight away and answer it without hesitation!