Common Causes Of Acne Scars

Acne is very common among teenagers, who are experiencing hormonal changes in their bodies. Acne is basically the breaking or rupturing of the follicles, cysts and papules on the skin.

The follicles or cysts on the skin at times swell up or heat is generated in them causing them to swell and burst. The bursting leads to the contact of the skin with the material inside the pore. This causes scars on the skin.The acne scars remain on the surface of the skin and can be pretty difficult to treat. There are many skin creams available that claim to remove these scars permanently but in fact they only lighten the scars.

The rupturing of cysts is the major cause of the Acne scars. The pores in the skin of our body have hair follicles. These pores also contain some quantity of oil. When the oil is produced in excess quantities the pores tend to expand and form a cyst. Some times dirt or dust gets trapped in the pores causing it to swell up.

The heat in these pores or the excess of the oils causes the cyst or the pimple to burst on the skin. The bursting of the pimple o the cysts causes the inflamed matter to spill on the skin and cause the scars.The cyst at times ruptures within the skin layer causing a scar that goes deep inside the skin. The scar may be in the form of a tubular crack or a wider crack. The scar mark causes abrasion on the skin spoiling its appearance.

At times the scars are caused due to the excess of collagen. Collagen is a substance that is released to heal the wounds on the body. The collagen at times gets produced in excess quantities and goes beyond the area of the wound. The spread of Collagen causes a scar on the body and this is also a type of Acne scar.

Thus acne is a common occurring and the scars arise due various factors surrounding the particular type of Acne. Acne causes double suffering among the youth, the Acne causes acute pain in the places that it affects the skin and the scars that remain after the pimples and follicles burst spoil the appearance.

Thus youngsters approaching puberty must make sure that they take good care of their skin and treat the pimples and cysts on their body without any ado. There are no generalized causes of these scars on the body but healthy habits like washing ones face daily and consuming healthy and fresh food could help a great deal in preventing the occurrence of Acne.

At times Acne develops a red rash on the body. This rash causes inflammation of the skin and the person suffering from the Acne has to deal with a great deal of pain.

This type of Acne comes without any warning and causes red rashes that leave behind a scar. Many types of skin creams are available for this type of Acne but a physician should be consulted before opting for a medication or a cream.


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