Fryzjer Tychy: Tips for Maintaining Long, Lustrous Hair

Many women seek long, luxurious hair but the path to getting there isn’t always easy, especially if your hair doesn’t grow fast naturally. There are a number or miracle hair growth products on the market but most of these either don’t work or aren’t capable of providing the instant results they claim. One of the better ways to reaching long, beautiful hair is to simply take care of it. However, once you reach your desired length, your hair care habits and TLC doesn’t stop there.

If you’ve finally gotten your hair to the long length you’ve always wanted, then congratulations! Many women agonize over getting their hair to grow longer so you’re way ahead of the game. But that doesn’t mean the challenge is over. Not only do you have to maintain the length of your hair, you’ll have to be willing to commit to making sure your hair is super healthy. Even the longest hair is prone to damage and if left neglected, sooner or later your tresses will suffer damage that may only be solved by cutting it off. To avoid this, it is essential that you continue to boost your hair care routine.

Be wary of using heated styling tools on your hair on a daily basis. Too much heat will leave your hair damaged, brittle, dry, and riddled with split ends. When styling use hair products that are gentle on your hair and contain natural ingredients that will fortify and nourish your hair from the roots to tips. Avoid using hair care products that can clog hair follicles or contain alcohol. Any time you plan on using heat – whether it’s a blow dryer or curling iron – be sure to use a good quality thermal styling spray or other product that provides heat protection.

Another major step to maintaining long and healthy hair is to have a stylist that not only knows your hair but understands your hair care goals. Make sure your stylist doesn’t get too scissor happy. Some stylists can’t help cutting off more than is necessary so be sure to stress to your stylist that you don’t want to change the length at all. Be consistent about getting regular trims to eliminate any split ends every 6-8 weeks. Keep things simple when getting your hair trimmed or styled.

Try to avoid certain styles of cutting such as razoring or slide cutting because this type of hair cutting actually damages the cuticle and will disrupt the healthy growth of your hair. Choose a shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioning product that contain natural ingredients that are gentle on your hair. Whenever your hair is wet treat it with care. Never comb or brush wet hair. Instead use your fingers to gently detangle your tresses and then use a wide toothed comb to do the rest.

Healthy hair is also maintained by following a good daily diet and by drinking a lot of water. The more fruits and veggies you include, the better off your hair will be. Don’t forget multivitamins – they do wonders for keeping your hair strong from top to bottom.

If you need more advice, contact you local hair salon like a Fryzjer Tychy.


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