Lose 30 Pounds With Full Body Workouts

Losing weight can be a daunting task for anyone, let alone someone new to working out. With so many options, what do you do, and how do you do it? In this article I’ll explain how to lose 30 pounds or more using a full body workout.

Are you familiar with working out, or are you completely out of shape? It’s important to not bite off more than you can chew, because injuries are nothing but counterproductive. Of course, if you ever feel pain while working out, that means your body is telling to you take it easy (and you should listen).

In preparation of your workout, drink a protein or meal replacement shake half an hour before your workout and then again right after your workout (as well as plenty of water). This ensures that you have enough energy to perform the workout, and it helps with your recovery. And don’t sideline your progress by eating big meals.

Since we’re not concerned with bodybuilding, its ok to work out two days in a row. Of course, you can use whatever schedule fits your lifestyle best, but I like to work out two days on, one day off. If you were instead trying to bulk up with a full body workout, you’d be taking a day of rest after each workout (giving you fewer workouts).

Overall, you have four muscle groups that you’ll be working out (back, core, legs, and chest). For every workout, change up the order in which you perform your sets. Mix up the order for maximum effectiveness.

You’ll also be working the smaller muscles that support your major muscle groups. After you work a major muscle, follow up with the supporting muscle. For example, when you work out your back, do your barbell curls after your back workout.

Always start your workouts by hydrating yourself and performing a warm-up. For chest, back, and legs, perform three sets of ten repetitions. Between sets, rest about thirty seconds, and then rest about one minute when switching between exercises.

For chest, perform either the bench press or dumbbell press, followed by either dips or the triceps push-down. For back, perform either pull-ups or seated cable row, followed by either standing barbell curls or alternate dumbbell curls. For core, perform crunches, followed by the plank. For legs, perform either squats or leg presses, followed by either standing or seated calf raises.

Full body workouts are great for overall fitness. Including a well-balanced, reduced calorie diet will greatly speed your progress. Remember that the hardest part of starting a workout program is sticking with it, so it’s important to tailor your workout to something you like.