There is 12% of water store within the skin, hence maintaining the right amount of water and with a good fat to keep the skin from having acne is important. The 2 quarts of distilled water per day is the must. If you haven’t drink such amount of water then you have to start to consider to drink more water.

The toxin in blood can get out by drinking the water. By drinking, the urine the toxins will be eliminated together with the urine. Then your blood will be cleaned, leads to healthy skin and less chance of acne to happen.

Using glass container when buy distilled or RO water. Avoiding the use of plastic containers for drinking water due to the plastic contains chemicals, some are might left in the container during manufacturing, which able to contaminated the water.

Remember that drinking soda is not classified as drinking water. Fruit juice also provides you a water once you drink it.

There are few tips to aid you to drink more water per day or even help in make water more healthy – says Jessie from BirthOrderPlus. Place the distilled water into the glass container and add some if the nutrients mentioned below;

* Add Alkaline few drop.  This mixtures change the pH from 7 to 8 and activate the water with its electrolytes – sodium and potassium.

* Add fresh lemon juice.  No sugar added.  Some of honey drops might be ok.

* Squeeze the juice of one lemon into the water and add up one teaspoon of powdered MSM.  MSM is good for the skin disorder such as acne. This make the skin cells become more flexible, leads to more nutrients able to get in and out of the cells, and its act as anti-inflammatory.  MSM is also great in activated a peristaltic action as well as preventing constipation.

* Add 2 oz of mangosteen into the distilled water.  Mangosteen acts as the body tonic.  It helps to keep all parts of body function properly and regularly.

The nutritional favour also can be added into the water in order to flavour your drinking water.Chose one of these additives for the water and drink it regularly, little by little everyday. This would help you to get rid of the acne, improving your skin texture or even keep the skin nicely.

Get the Sunshine

Get more light from the sun, is the other thing that you could do for your skin. Exposing the face to the sun and air, this would help to heal your skin. However, not to expose your skin to the direct sunlight, remain in the shadow but open air place. Spending  20-40 minutes per day outdoors is essential for you to get enough vitamin D which required daily needs.