What The Pros Love About Winter Beauty Products

When winter sets in it’s like you’ve moved to a new planet to inhabit a new body. Your skin reacts differently to moisture and dryness and even to your cosmetics and food. It’s difficult to find the products that will meet all your skincare needs because once you start to have a need you have to start trial and error finding what works. That’s why we went to the pros. They have access to all the best products and technology. Here are a few of their favorites that may save you some time and money and keep you looking your best.

An eye cream that is rich enough to truly moisturize and provide a protective layer to your delicate skin but doesn’t irritate is a treasure once you find it. The trick to shopping for an eye cream is research. It’s so important to know what ingredients work for you. Find out what you’re sensitive to, what you can wear for extended periods, what compliments the pH of your skin and what you can’t use. Once you’ve done the research, you can easily eliminate the products that sound good, but may cost you money and painful reactions.

Protein enriched nail polish is a surprising love for many of the women who make beauty their life. Nails are seriously affected by winters’ dry heat, cold temperatures and even the lack of oxygen to toenails from hours stuffed in boots and socks. Nail polishes are far more than just color cosmetics these days, they nourish and protect. Even if you choose a clear polish, keep nails covered through the winter months to avoid chipping, splitting and ridges. Plus it’s so nice to pull off your socks and see pretty toes!

A creamy cleanser is just what the doctor ordered for dry skin, especially if you love to be outdoors. Skin needs to be moisturized and cared for with a cleanser that can gently exfoliate without irritating. Cream cleansers can do both – deep clean and moisturize – while treating stressed skin with care.

Delicate lips need to be protected 24/7 and there’s no better way to do that than with a vitamin enriched lip gloss. This product is a favorite of everyone who tries it. There are a lot of options on the market, but there are only a few that aren’t sticky. One way to tell if a certain line will be sheer is to look at the clear gloss they offer. You should be able to see through it and there shouldn’t be bubbles in the gloss. These may indicate a heavy formula that can leave lips feeling gummy.

An all-over body milk that eliminates the itch of dry skin can change your winter world. Eczema sufferers will be especially appreciative of this product that takes you from shower to the end of your day without itchy, dry skin. Look for a fragrance free product that has a very short list of ingredients. The fewer ingredients, the fewer irritants. A quality body milk is gentle enough to use on your neck and face and still delivers enough moisture to keep elbows and knees soft and smooth.


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